Health Benefits

Coconut Oil Health & Beauty Benefits

  • Boosts the body’s immune system!
  • Helps you lose weight – contains short and medium-chain fatty acids!
  • Fantastic source of saturated medium chain triglycerides!
  • Helps regulate blood sugar!
  • Has anti-viral & anti-microbial properties!
  • Helps maintain healthy thyroid function!
  • Maintain LDL & HDL cholesterol levels!
  • Embellishes the hair leaving it soft and silky when used as a hair conditioner!
  • Leaves skin soft and smooth when used as a pure oil!

How is virgin coconut oil made?
First, the husk and the shell are removed from a fresh coconut, and it is shredded. Then it is “Cold Pressed” to get the coconut milk without any chemicals. The milk is then fermented in containers for a day or two. After which, oil is produced. This oil is carefully filtered and separated from the curd. You now have Virgin Coconut Oil!

Coconut Sugar Health Benefits

  • Considered to be the best sweetener substitute!
  • Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI)  states it has a low Glycemic Index of 35 (cane sugar is 50)
  • No preservatives

How is coconut sugar made?
Coconut sugar is derived from the evaporating coconut sap or sweet toddy through boiling in an open container where it is then allowed to cool and solidify. Coconut sugar is produced by natural process of heat evaporation with no preservatives added.

Want to follow a healthy Coconut Oil Diet?

Following a coconut oil diet involves being able to prepare and cook with many organic and gluten-free foods. Our recipe eBook has 30 easy, healthy, and fun meals to cook and follow a coconut oil diet. One of them is our Yummy Coconut Smoothie, as seen here:

Yummy Coconut Smoothie

      • 1 medium banana
      • ½ cup any fresh fruit
      • 2 tbsp virgin coconut oil
      • 8-12oz orange juice
      • 1 tsp fiber powder
      • 1 tsp natural coconut sugar
      • 1 scoop whey protein (if desired)
      • 6 ice cubes (if desired)

Simply combine all the ingredients and blend until smooth.You can also add any combination of fruit and/or protein and vitamin powders.

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