Our Story

What do we do?

Edible Haven is a California based organic product company specializing in providing high quality Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut Sugar, and
Coconut Flour available for both retail and wholesale directly to you.

Our Story

Edible Haven started with a simple goal in mind: to be your #1 source for high quality organic and gluten-free coconut products. By informing you of
the amazing health benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil and Organic Coconut Sugar by teaming up with amazing culinary talent in the kitchen,
we’ve designed recipes for you to utilize our products in your own kitchen. We’re on the forefront of introducing our Virgin Coconut Oil as a multi-use, lather-it-on-your-skin [for issues like psoriasis], and hair-care product for the world to experience how amazing it really is. Our team will always be driven by passion and will focus on providing the best and most informative customer service to you.

We personally guarantee the quality of all of our products. If for any reason you are ever disatisfied or simply  have questions, please feel free
to contact us at any time.

Happy Health!

(Edible Haven Co-Founders)